As you may noticed, I changed the name of my blog though I still kept this one for some posts that I can share. I am tired of the people who knows me reads my blog, they are not helping me and they only feel pity about me or whatever that is. I do not care about what all you feel about me, I just don’t. I might have some feelings towards to the people that who are close to my heart but that’s only a few, I can count them with my one hand.

Few more weeks, I am back home and I can’t wait. I need to clear my head from all the things that happened here in Sweden. I am happy when I think about home. I’ve told people that home is where I am at but as of this moment, I need my home. I need the comfort of my home. Be with my family, just stay with my family.

I’ve made some decisions that I regret and I need to tell myself not to as it happened already but it’s not easy. Right now, I am doing these things because this is for the best, I guess. I should choose happiness but as of this moment, I can’t. This has to happen for me to be able to achieve what I’ve been wanting.

I’m alright, I will be able to be happy for quite some time and I will save those and keep it with me until I go back to Sweden again.



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