I am a day-away from my trip back to Sweden and I am not happy about it. I like being home and I don’t need a reason for that. But now, I have to go back to Sweden, for sure, it will be really cold but I can’t wait to work again and see what this path would lead me. I will work much harder and I won’t stop until I get what I wanted.

It has been beautiful being home, being able to spend time with my parents and just being here, in this shitty city that I keep coming back. Hahaha. I like being here, I feel good.

I can’t write that much but I can pretty much say that I will be back soon and will be writing more than before though I can’t promise anything.

All I can say that I am happy that I am back writing though when I think about the money I used staying here, that was a lot! But I had fun.



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